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The Culinary Tourism Bootcamp - October 18th - by Dr. Dimitris Koutoulas

The IMIC 2013 conference will include the Culinary Tourism Bootcamp, a high-powered seminar exploring practical ways of establishing a place as a successful culinary tourism destination and attracting more tourists interested in great food and wine. The seminar¬Ęs instructor will be Dr. Dimitris Koutoulas, a highly experienced tourism and hospitality marketing professional and professor.

The seminar will especially emphasize ways of creating attractive culinary tourism products and of employing the proper state-of-the-art marketing techniques for firmly putting a gastronomic destination on the global tourism marketplace.

The Culinary Tourism Bootcamp will take place on the second day of the IMIC 2013 event (October 18th). People registered for the IMIC 2013 are welcome to attend the Culinary Tourism Bootcamp at no extra cost.

Seminar attendants interested in having their case discussed and analyzed during the Culinary Tourism Bootcamp, are invited to submit a brief description of their destination or company, its gastronomic offerings and challenges faced in developing gastronomic tourism (to be sent per email to

The Culinary Tourism Bootcamp is part of the Destination Marketing Bootcamp Series.

Topics of the Culinary Tourism Bootcamp

 Preparing an inventory of the destination¬Ęs culinary resources

 Introducing quality criteria and certifying local providers of culinary experiences

 Preparing a marketing strategy and campaign for attracting culinary tourists to a destination

 Formulating and developing products

 Telling the story

 Developing high-quality content

 Employing the proper online and offline marketing techniques

 Organizing the culinary tourism marketing task

Who is this seminar for?

 People representing destinations interested in developing culinary tourism and especially managerial staff of national and regional tourism organizations, municipalities, regional authorities, chambers of commerce, hotel and restaurant associations

 People working in the culinary tourism industry such as senior staff members of hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, cooking schools and other providers of gastronomic experiences

 Tourism and hospitality educators and researchers

About the Instructor

Dr. Dimitris Koutoulas is a tourism and hospitality consultant and professor of tourism marketing. His work has covered nearly every aspect of applied tourism and hospitality management and marketing ranging from market research and strategic planning to press relations and staff training. He has implemented projects in 25 countries including several projects concerning the development of gastronomic tourism.



About the Destination Marketing Bootcamp Series

The Destination Marketing Bootcamps are a series of high-powered seminars curated and taught by Dr. Dimitris Koutoulas. These seminars are aimed at tourism professionals – particularly managerial staff of national and regional tourism organizations – interested in developing their marketing skills. Seminar participants will gain an in-depth understanding of developments in the international tourism market, will be trained in state-of-the-art destination marketing techniques and will learn how to maximize the marketing impact of their budgets and resources.


No separate registration is necessary for attending the Destination Marketing Bootcamp. All people registered for the IMIC 2013 conference are free to attend the Destination Marketing Bootcamp, as well. Both events will take place at the same venue (Petros M. Nomikos Conference Center in Firostefani, Santorini Island).

Certificate of attendance

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